Dienstag, 19. Mai 2015

8 Hour Abs Diet by Melissa McAllister - Intermittent Fasting

Hey guys!

Today I wanna talk about The 8 Hour Abs Diet by Melissa McAllister. She´s a fitness instructor for many years and after I heard her talking at Chalene Johnson´s „The Chalene Show“ about her „secret“ I had to download her e-book „The 8 Hour Abs Diet“ which you can download here for free. Don´t expect too much, there are just 17 pages and the reason is simple:
The diet (which she actually claims not as a diet but a lifestyle) has only one rule. You are eating in an eight hour time frame. That´s it. Of course she also recommends to eat healthy, but the diet focuses on this time frame which means the other 16 hours of a day you have to fast. 
The reason why this helps to lose weight is that your body uses the first six hours the energy of your last meal, from six to fourteen hours from your blood sugar and first after fourteen hours the magic happens, it´s burning fat. 
She gives also an implementation plan for the next four weeks where you slowly decrease your time frame from eleven to eight hours. 
You can also find more information by searching for Intermittent Fasting or the book „8 Hour Diet“. I´m just not sure what they gonna talk about all these pages if there is just one rule to stick too. ;) 

I´ve started two weeks ago and already after three days I managed to stick to eight hours. I normally eat from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. I didn´t eat healthy. I just eat what I could find and I didn´t know why I was reacting like that. But when I Iooked at the scale I was really surprised to see the same weight. Even if I ate at least 3000 calories a day I hadn´t gain weight. :) So I´m gonna continue with it and combine it with the Tone It Up Bikini Program. And we gonna see if it works!


  1. oh cool, hört sich super an...
    Sind danach auch keine Getränke mehr erlaubt??
    Also prinzipell alles was Kalorien hat oder?
    Stell mir das am Wochenende nur schwer vor, wenn es noch in mein Kalorienbudget passen würde, auf meinen Cocktail oder anderes zu verzichten, nur weil die 8 Std. vorüber sind..

    1. Hi Tanja!
      Also zum einen kannst du dein Zeitfenster ja auch verschieben und später mit dem Essen anfangen oder du machst die 16 Stunden fasten erst danach. Meistens steht man ja nach dem Weggehen sowieso später auf. Getränke sind noch erlaubt: Wasser, Tee und Kaffee (ohne Milch und Zucker ;) ). In Notfällen auch mal ne Cola light. Letztlich finde ich es auch nicht schlimm, wenn man ein oder zweimal die Woche sich nicht daran hält.