Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2015

Bikini Arms Workout

Hi everyone!

It´s already thursday and I wanted to write a litte review on the Tone It Up Bikini Arms Workout which were released on tuesday. It´s a 12 minute workout video with Karena on the beach in Mexico.
There are 14 different moves which you should repeat for 30 seconds or 15-20 times. Karena made already some really nice arm workouts like Love Your Arms, Bikini Arms Routine or my favorite Tone Up Your Arms for Summer but I really like that she incorporated more moves on the mat like push up variations or the tricep toner. The bridge fly and the modified curls were totally new for me. I used 3kg dumbbells and except the fine toning press and the fine toning moves - were I had to give up earlier - are all moves doable with these dumbbells.
As already experienced before Karena´s changes to the next moves are sometimes too fast, but besides that it was a great workout. I was just wondering why Karena always doing the Tricep Push ups on her knees since she is a personal trainer and fitness expert? Nevertheless I have to say that the Bikini Arms Routine from last year is much harder and my arms burned a lot more after going one time through than this year´s workout. 



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