Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015

Tone It Up Bikini Kettlebell Workout

Hi guys!

I tried the Tone It Up Bikini Kettlebell Workout yesterday and I walk like an old grandma. :D It´s almost 20 minutes long, contains a short warm up and cool down and 13 exercises. Some of them are really intense. The Kettlebell Swing is really long and I felt like wanting to stop several times. The Burpee Press is a new variation of a Burpee and I really liked it. Also the Side Plank Swing was kinda tricky but you definitely can see a progress after you have done this workout several times. This workout is also doable with dumbbells. I had a 3kg dumbbell instead of a kettlebell and it worked out fine. 

Have fun with it! :)

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  1. Habe mir gestern eine 8 kg Hantel gekauft. Die kettlebells, die ich eigentlich wollte sind so teuer, leider. Aber es geht auch damit :-).