Sonntag, 20. September 2015

Fit For Fall Challenge by Tone It Up

Hello my lovely readers!
I‘m actually impressed how many people still visiting my blog even if I don‘t update quite often. But I think the Bikini Body Guide seems still to be really interesting for many of my visitors. 

Some personal stuff before I start with the Fit For Fall Challenge. I moved back to Norway and I just can‘t say how happy I am with this decision. Norway is such a beautiful country and Oslo is a vibrant, but very expensive city. I got a gym membership now for around NOK 164 per month which is really cheap and I can use five different gyms in the city. So I‘m gonna try to visit one every second day. I also play volleyball, but they haven‘t decided who‘s in the team, so I still have to wait for that. I really would love to play, but there are some girls who are definitely better than me, so we will see. ;) 

So the Fit For Fall Challenge by Tone It Up starts tomorrow. And this time it will be also a charity challenge. Everyone can choose a charity and if you win one of the weekly prices, TIU will also donate money to your selected charity. I decided to run for "Flyktningshjelpen" - The Norwegian Refugee Council which help refugees from over 20 different countries. I‘m going to donate one NOK for every mile I run, too. I wished I could donate more but to live in Norway as a student is really expensive and I actually can‘t even go out with friends because I don‘t have money for that...
This is the first challenge I really really wanna stick to. I tried to find some mistakes I have done in the past and one was to stay to close with the workout schedule. So instead of looking what I should do on monday, tuesday,... I focus on what are the workouts for the week and try to do them when the fit into my schedule. Sometimes I also just have to change workouts because I'm so sore. ;) 

This week workouts will be:

  • Frisky Fall Arms & Abs
  • The Best Ab Routine
  • Fit For Fall HIIT 
  • 3 Moves To Toned Thighs
  • Sleek & Slender Abs with Karena
  • Sexy Sculpted Shoulders
  • Bikini Kettlebell 
  • 13 Miles from the 100 Miles Challenge
I might going to switch the HIIT with Hiity Bitty Bikini because I have no printer to print out the printables and I always have to go to university to print it there... 

I will check in the next days with my review on a two weeks sugar detox. So stay tuned! 

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