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Review: Sugar Detox

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to talk about my recent sugar detox. Ironically I didn‘t plan to detox because of health or fitness issues. I only got diagnosed as a sugar addict by a friend who's nutrition scientist and I wanted to see if I‘m able to stop eating sugar for two weeks. My friend warned me I could get big cravings and some body reactions like head ache, tiredness or just not feeling pretty well. I was pretty nervous when I started because I was almost convinced: If I don‘t manage a two hours flight without a chocolate bar (yes, I always carry some candy in my purse when I fly), how shall I manage two weeks without sugar? 

For the first week my friend also suggested not to just cutting out candy and food containing sugar, but also fruits. But in the second week I had some berries and apples. 
So what can I say? I think I did pretty well! I had one relapse on day 5 when I drank a glass of apple juice but besides that I managed without almost any sugar. Of course there is some natural sugar for example in dairy or hidden sugar in foods you would‘t expect like pizza, meat or ketchup. The craving for sweet things got better after a while and I could watch other people eating chocolate and it was no big thing for me. 
They only thing I was definitely sad about was the fact that I had no reward anymore when I went shopping. When I do my groceries shopping I always allow me to buy some candy. And this is what I‘m looking forward to. Now without that reward shopping and also eating got a little bit less exciting. I missed the feeling looking forward to get a nice chocolate brownie or some other candy. No vegetable or other food can get me excited. It just feels like having a total insensitive relationship to food. On one hand this is a little bit sad because I love food, on the other hand it‘s such a relief to not craving something all the time, eating it and feeling bad afterwards. I broke the circle and I‘m really happy about that. I just might have to find another thing to reward myself. Maybe my Simplified Planner could be the substitute. ;) 
And what I really have to say, even if I don‘t really "see" it (but I could measure it): I lost weight. I can‘t say how much because I didn‘t weigh myself since August but now I‘m weighting 52.5kg. I‘ve never been at this number and I‘m pretty sure, the sugar was the key to that.

So, what happened after my two weeks sugar detox? My first idea was to jump on the lørdags godteri wagon. That‘s a concept which is really popular here in scandinavia and it‘s called saturday sweets which means kids only get candy on saturdays. This is a very old tradition since the 1930s and there are still children and adults who entering the supermarket on sundays to buy their candy. And even I liked the idea, it didn‘t work for me. First, when I bought candy on the saturday I actually wasn‘t craving them at all. Then I extended the sweets also to sunday and on thursday I had my totally breakdown walking to the supermarket buying pizza, chocolate and a fanta. Sorry, this does‘t work. So I thought about what I could do. And yesterday I made a decision: I‘m gonna stop the sugar forever. I first thought to participate on Sarah Wilson‘s I quit sugar 8 week program which starts on October 1 but $150 is a little bit too expensive for me and I couldn't find enough other people to share the costs. But I thought I could do my own I quit sugar program, for free! Which gives me the possibility to do my own research and publish it. So tomorrow will be a preparing day and then I will start on thursday. And of course I will update you here. ;) 

I will write a lot about sugar the next days and weeks, but I encourage you to watch Dr. Robert Lustig lecture about sugar from the University of California. Yes, it takes 90 minutes, but they are definitely  worth it!

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