Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015

[Planning] Review: The Simplified Planner 2016 by Emily Ley

Hey guys!
How are you? It’s almost weekend and I had to stay at home the last two days as I injured my right food. I don’t really know what happened, but I maybe I run too much the last couple days… So I had more time to study for school, to read tons of articles I found on pinterest and guess what, my Simplified Planner arrived yesterday!

The Simplified Planner is a planner by Emily Ley which comes in two layouts, daily and weekly and I think they release twice per year, the academic one in May and the yearly one in September. Unfortunately it is a quite expensive planner. If you are familiar with the Erin Condren Life Planner or the Day Designer then you know how expensive a planner can be. The Simplified Planner costs around $58 (plus shipping costs for around $32 to Europe) which is really expensive for me as a student (and I’m sure for everyone else, too ;) ). But I found a nice lady in the Simplified Planner group who sold her planner, so I saved around $40. 
The Simplified Planner 2016 comes in the different covers: Happy Stripe, Mint Dot and Pineapple. I got the Happy Stripe and I love it!

The features of the daily planner

  • Folder on the inside
  • A note from Emily Ley
  • A note how to use the Simplified Planner
  • Year at a glance
  • Bucket List
  • American Holidays
  • 12 monthly views
  • 12 colorful, laminated monthly tabs
  • 365 daily pages

The layout is simple: A today list to write in all your appointments, a to-do list, a notes and dinner section. And that’s what I really like. I can see all my appointments at a glance, have the my task next to it and I use the dinner section to plan all my meals and workouts and the notes for everything else. Saturday and sunday share a page which is okay for me as I don’t have so many appointments on the weekend. But the to do list is a little bit too short for me. There is also a little to do list on sunday with suggestions by Emily like plan meals ahead, write tasks / appointments for the week. 
If you compare it with an Erin Condren Life Planner it weighs almost the same which surprised me a lot. It’s a little bit smaller, but the spiral is much bigger than ECLP. 

My thoughts on the Simplified Planner

I’m definitely in love with this planner. It’s cute but not too colorful that you have to feel embarrassed to take it to a business meeting. I really like the daily view, I feel already so much more organized. I have much more space to track my meals, goals, daily appointments and tasks. You can decorate or not, it still looks pretty. I also really liked the to-do list on sunday. Now I don't need to write it in by myself. ;) 

My wish list for the next Simplified Planner

  • a ruler/bookmark to find today’s page faster
  • smaller spiral bound
  • a folder in the back
  • note pages or the possibility to buy some to put it in the planner (like the Happy Planner)
  • goals section with yearly/monthly/weekly breakdown
  • monthly budget section
  • monthly view starting monday not sunday

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