Samstag, 10. Oktober 2015

[Planning] Stickers Organization

Hey guys!

My exams are finally over and I feel like a human being again. :D And now I had time again to do all the silly stuff I always wanted to do. Many of you know that I'm totally into planning and I'm currently waiting for my planner for 2016, the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. And while I'm waiting for that I thought I could organize my stickers as I'm already have a lot. So I ordered a mini photo album from aliexpress and cut the stickers in pieces so the fit into the folders. And today I just wanted to show you my whole collection. :)

These are my weather stickers. I got them from an etsy shop which unfortunately closed in August. But I think I will get some stamps instead as I use them daily and a planner can bulk up a lot by that.

These are my workout stickers which I have from Yumie and KGPlanner .

These a birthday and travel stickers from Yumie, Moleskine and FayeCreates.

My finance stickers by Yumie, Moleskine, FayeCreateas and KGPlanner.

My leisure and meal planning stickers by Yumie, Moleskine and FayeCreates.

My shopping and appointment stickers by Yumie and Moleskine.

 My health, beauty and house work stickers by Yumie, KGPlanner, FayeCreates and Moleskine.

 My planner stickers by Yumie, Moleskine and FayeCreates.

Other planner stickers and nature stickers.

 These are my Tone It Up stickers.

Have a nice weekend! :)

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