Sonntag, 15. November 2015

[Fitness] Fresh Body Fit Mind Guide by Amanda Bisk - The Plan

Hi guys!
You won't believe it, but when I looked at my statistics today, I realized I had already 200.000 visitors on my blog! So freaking crazy!!!
My foot is much better, even if it's still hurt some time. But I decided to start working out again and finally to start with the Fresh Body Fit Mind Guide by Amanda Bisk! YEAH! :)

Since I have the injury I had enough time to think about this plan. I tried already a lot of workout plans and most of them I couldn't stick to it. And I remember the Bikini Body Guide which I hated as it was always the same and not much fun. I struggled a lot with it and decided the stop it after week 11. Maybe I was too afraid to go through week 12 and to show an "after"-picture which wouldn't present the results I was hoping for. (Actually there was not much difference...) So what I am going to do differently this time:

1. I will not try to force myself to stick to the plan.

The FBFM guide has normally one or two 20 minute workouts (circuits, cardio and test sessions + a workout of your choice) for five or six days a week and one or two recovery days. It has a chronological order but as Amanda said you can switch workouts if you want. That's what I am going to do.

2. I will not extend a week.

In the BBG a week had normally three strength and three cardio workouts and I wouldn't "start" a new week before I had not done all the workouts of the current week. So sometimes one BBG week ended into two or three real weeks as I didn't allow myself to continue with the next week. It sounded logical for me but actually it is very demotivating. It feels like you will never reach the end of this guide. So this time my week will be from friday to thursday and I just do as many workouts as I manage. The rest I can do after I finished the guide or just let them go. ;)

3. I will not compare my results.

Amanda include a test session for every week so you can compare your results and see your progress. You usually set a timer and try to beat your time. It's a really good tool to track your progress but actually I don't care about it. I don't need to know how fast I can do 50 burpees. I am happy when I have done 50 burpees! :D I will focus on reaching one goal: To finish 12 weeks of this guide, not so much on numbers. And the risk is to be discouraged by comparing your time with others. The other day I saw a post in the support group about a girl who was disappointed she was 25 seconds slower than at the last test. I'm pretty sure she was aware that it was JUST 25 seconds, but I understand that she was sad about it. It's just like stepping on the scale. Even if you know that there are several factors determining your weight which can result into +/- 2kg, you will be disappointed when you see you gained 100g. It's  just liked that and that's the reason why I'm gonna try to avoid it.

4. I will not restart the guide. 

I saw a lot of girls restarting the BBG again and again and the only thing I can say: The most of them never finished the guide. There will be always obstacles and drawbacks, but I promise myself to just continue until I reach the end. :)

That's my plan how to tackle the next three months and we will see how it works. Wish you a wonderful week!

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