Samstag, 21. November 2015

[Fitness] Fresh Body Fit Mind Guide - Review: Week 1

Hey guys!

My first week is over! And as I promised I wanted to write a review about every week, so here we go:

The plan for this week was:
4x Circuits (HIIT)
4x Move (Cardio Training)
1x Favorite Workout (Strength or Cardio)
1x Test (HIIT)
1x Stretching

I already started to write about every single day, but that might be not so interesting for you. So I rather going to write a general review about the week. 
Before I could start I had to pass my first checkpoint. I had to take a before picture and find a motivational word for the week. My word was: Change. 
I managed to complete four circuits, four moves and the test workout. As I mentioned before I didn't follow the plan strictly. You are actually supposed to do a am and a pm workout, but I combined them quite often. I often use a move workout as a warm up and then going straight to a circuit when I'm at the gym. I often can't split the workouts as I'm living on the second floor and I don't want to run or jump in my flat. ;) The test workout was definitely a killer and reminded me of Freeletics's workout Aphrodite. I was so happy, when I was done. Haha. There were two girls at the gym and they are so fit. I'm not looking at them being jealous, I see them as a fitness goal! And I like how they support each other. I wished I had somebody who would help me pushing through the circuit... 
I also started to write in my cute notebook from TGR. I normally write down what workouts I did and what I ate over the day. I have to admit that I ate a lot of sweets this week and after watching a TED talk on Youtube I decided to work on a tiny habit and my habit will be: When I'm craving sugar, I will eat nuts. I bought a bag with sweet, salty and normal nuts and put them in a little box, which I will carry around and every time I crave sweets, I'm going to eat that. Here you can watch the video. It's quite interesting, even if he could have told the whole story in five minutes. ;) 

So, what do I think about my first week?

Well, it could have been better. I'm very happy that I can train again and I really enjoyed it, but I definitely have to work on my nutrition. That's the key. And I don't think I will see much progress if I don't work on that. But the guide is really cool. I like the checkpoints and the motivational quotes in between. I also like that the circuits have a regular structure (4 min. warm-up, 10 min. total body HIIT, 4 min. core + 1 min break in between), but the exercises are always different. I think I won't get bored as fast as I did with the Bikini Body Guide. At least I hope so. :D Now I have some peak views into the plan:

These are my measurements at the end of the week 1 compared to the first day of the plan:
Weight: 53kg +0.4
Chest: 83cm +/-0
Waist: 64cm +/-0
Belly: 80cm +2
Hips: 85cm +1
Booty: 92cm +/-0
Thighs: 56cm +/-0

As you can see, there is not much change, but I don't mind. I measure my body every month and what I can see about the last 12 months, I normally lose or gain around 1-2cm every month. So I don't expect a change before week 4. And I'm totally fine with that. This guide is so much more than losing weight. :) 

Have a wonderful weekend, ladies! 

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