Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2015

[Fitness] Fresh Body Fit Mind Guide - Review: Week 2

Hi guys!
Well this week took a little bit longer as I had a cold last week so I had to postpone some of my workouts.

The plan of the week

4x Circuit
4x Move
1x My Session
1x Test
1x Stretching

This is how my extended week looked like

Saturday: Circuit
Sunday: Move (40 Min. Walk)
Monday: Move & Circuit
Tuesday: Not feeling well
Wednesday: Sick
Thursday: Sick
Friday: 30 Min. Yoga
Saturday: Move (20 Min. Stepper), Circuit & My Session: Tone It Up Kettlebell
Sunday: Move (20 Min. Cycling) & Circuit
Monday: Test & My Session: Tone It Up Best Inner & Outer Thighs Workout
Tuesday: 30 Min. Walk & 30 Min. Stretching

My motivational word for this week was: BELIEVE
Sometimes I just don't believe enough in myself and that was a good reminder. I always write the word in my planner, but I think I should make a big note on my door too.
As I do all my workouts in the gym I find it easier to split the My Session into smaller 10-20 minute workouts. Usually a gym session looks like that: 20 minutes of Move (treadmill, bicycle, step machine), one circuit (ca. 20 minutes), 10 minutes My Session and 10 minutes of stretching and I'm done. I know I should divide the workouts into am and pm-workouts, but I think it just doesn't work for me. And actually it takes me 40 min to the gym, it would be so annoying to stay there for just 20 min. :D
The test workout was again torture. Haha. 10 rounds of situps, knee to elbow, push ups and jump squats. I'm dead. And I think I will always put the test workout on day 6 of my week and day 7 as a recovery/stretching day. The test workouts definitely pushed me to the limit.


When it comes to eating I think I made progress. I concentrated this week on eating at the table or my favorite chair but without any distraction. And I always put some fruits or veggies on my plate. And if we talk about my plate: MyPlate is a website from the United States Department of Agriculture which provides a lot of information about healthy eating and what I liked the most was the different plates for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Since I have no printer I just drew it and pinned it on my fridge as a little reminder.


Weight: 52.8kg +0.2
Chest:   80cm -3
Waist:   62cm -2
Belly:   75cm -3
Hips:    83cm -1
Booty:  91cm -1
Thighs: 54cm -2

I was pretty surprised when I saw how much my measurements changed. A nice reward for a hard week. Haha. I also wanted to show my first progress pictures. Yes, the lightening is different, and no I didn't go to the solarium. :D It's interesting to see that my waist is always slimming down the most. Wished I could slim my thighs instead... But I'm very satisfied with the progress in the short amount of time.

See you next week!

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