Sonntag, 3. Januar 2016

[Goal Setting] Review Week 1

It's snowing outside! I just love that (as long as I can stay inside haha)! So today is my first time to review the last week. Okay it was a very short week since I started on Friday, but still I want to get into the habit of reviewing my week every Sunday.

I actually did quite a lot this Sunday evening. I planned my week, I planned my Blogilates and Fresh Body Fit Mind workouts and I planned my meals for next week. After that I made a cleaning schedule for next week since my roommate hasn't cleaned anything and I just can't stand this disgusting bathroom which hasn't been cleaned in the last three weeks or so... (I was on holiday, luckily). After that I opened my Dailygreatness Journal and did the weekly check-in. I remember reading a review on this journal that it takes an hour to do this check-in. Never ever! 15 Minutes are enough plus meal planning maybe, but I already had done that so I just had to write it in.

So my habits for January I want to focus on are:
1) Track my expenses. (Daily)
2) Review my health/fitness. (Daily)
3) Eat at the table. (Daily)
6) Study Spanish. (Daily)
7) Study. (Daily)
And in general: Morning and bedtime routines and this weekly blog post as well. :)

You might asking what's the difference between habit 6 and 7. Well Spanish is something I do voluntarily, while studying in general (for example for my medicine exam) is my job (as a student). So I definitely have to focus on that! To track my progress I use which is a really nice website to track any kind of habits. You can choose how often you want to perform it over the week and you get feedback via mail how you actually have performed.

So here you can see I already running a three-day-strike on my morning and bedtime routines, tracking expenses and reviewing my day. I have struggles with eating at the table, studying Spanish and studying in general (which you can't see on this picture). But well, it's a beginning. And I have to say the picture is from yesterday, check-ins from this day aren't included. So if I take a closer look to my habits:

1) Successful
2) Successful
3) Could be better, but when I ate in my bed I always snacked some fruits or veggies. So this looks like it will improve over time. 
6) Is getting better. I studied yesterday and today and used the 2-Minute-Rule. So I forced myself to study for at least 2 minutes and ended up with 48 and 37 minutes. Cool, hugh?
7) Unsuccessful. Oh I performed poorly. But I will try with the 2-Minute-Rule tomorrow and an improved day schedule. Let's see if it works! 

That's all for today. See ya! :) 

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