Montag, 18. Januar 2016

[Goal Setting] Review Week 2

Hi guys!
I had written a blog post last week but it was so sad written I didn't want to release it. :D But now I'm in a much better mood, so much things are coming and I feel like the winter depression doesn't hit me that hard again even if it's still between -10 and -18°C outside. Brrr. 
But something fantastic happened: My Happy Planner arrived and I just love it! So cute and customizable! Got a tons of stickers too. I'm gonna write a separate post about it later. 

So the habits I wanted to focus on this month were:
1) Track my expenses (daily).
2) Review my health/fitness (daily).
3) Eat at the table (for every meal).
4) Study Spanish (daily).
5) Study (daily).
Plus daily morning and bedtime routines and a blog post every week.

So now a closer view:
1) Since I started I tracked my expenses 17 times. Success!
2) Since I started I reviewed my health/fitness progress 9 times. It could be better, but I was very busy with my medicine exams, so I missed some.
3) First I had only one check in on Eat at the table. But actually I always eat my breakfast at the table, lunch and especially dinner are different. So I thought it would be better to split it up and to see, where I have to get better.
Breakfast: 17 times! YES!
Lunch: 15 times! Still good!
Snacks: 9 times. Could be better.
Dinner: 10 times. 
So obviously the snacking is my weakest point currently. We will see how I progress over time. 
4) Since I started I studied Spanish 6 times. Oh, this is pretty bad. :D So I'm going to focus on that this week, to get better numbers on next Sunday!
5) Since I started I studied 7 times. I think that's okay since I have holidays. My Norwegian course starts already this week, so I will study more from that on, I think. 

So this was my second week and I'm looking forward to adding some numbers over the next days. ;) 

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