Sonntag, 24. Januar 2016

[Goal Setting] Review Week 3 - Keep Track App

Hi everyone!

This week I was pretty good in working out, but horrible in everything else. I didn't study Spanish, I stopped to do my bed time routines and I often ate in my room instead of the living room. It was definitely the worst week so far. But there is always something positive too. I managed to track my expenses. ;) And yesterday I found an app which is even better than!

The app is called KeepTrack and lets you track almost everything. I set it up today and hopefully next week I already can share some pretty nice graphs and statistics. ;)

My tracking:

1) Eating Healthy

  • Track the meals: M1-M5
  • Track the number of Junk Food / Candy
  • Track Mindful Eating (Yes / No)
  • Track the number of Veggies & Fruits
2) Study
  • Track the Subject
  • Track the Duration
3) Workout
  • Track the number of Workouts
  • Track the typ of Workouts (Strength, Cardio, HIIT)
  • Track the duration of the Workout
  • Track the Body Part (Arms, Abs, Booty, Thighs, Legs, Total Body)
4) Routines
  • Track the type of Routine (Morning Routine / Evening Routine)
  • Track if I have finished Routine (Yes / No)
5) Track Savings
  • Track the numbers of Savings
6) Track Expenses
  • Track if I tracked my Expenses on Toshl 

This is a good video how KeepTrack works. And I will keep you updated!

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