Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

[Goal Setting] Week 4 - Monthly Review

Hi my loves!

It's Sunday and I'm back for a new review of this week. It was a pretty relaxed week, I started my Norwegian course and I had to say goodbye to some friends since they are moving abroad. But the next semester starts tomorrow and I'm excited to be back at the uni. I still do my Fresh Body Fit Mind Guide but I decided to take it more relaxed and I only try to do three workouts a week.
And I started to do more weight training. I bought Lauren Gleisbergs Total Body Transformation Guide which provides a gym plan and so I started to lift weights today and I know this is not much but I managed to lift 6kg at the chest press today! YEAH. :)

So here we go my January habits were:

1) Track my expenses daily.
2) Review my health/fitness daily.
3) Eat at the table for every meal.
4) Study Spanish daily.
5) Study daily. 
Plus daily morning and bedtime routines and a weekly blog post.

This week I...

1) ...tracked my expenses every day! Success!
2) ...reviewed my health/fitness four times. Not so bad!
3) ...ate at the table 22 times. That's good!
4) ...studied Spanish one time. Oh oh...
5) ...studied three times. That's okay.
And finished seven times my morning routine and four times my bed time routine!

I think that's not that bad. So if I think about every point, tracking my expenses got pretty easy to me while doing Spanish is still my biggest struggle. I think I have to relate it closer to my morning routine, maybe studying Spanish before eating breakfast. Studying will be easier now when I really have to do something since my lectures start tomorrow. I could eat better in the afternoon/evening. I definitely have to work more on that too and I should use my Daily Greatness Journal more often. I have to say that I'm a little bit disappointed. It's just too restricted in what you can write in and I just use it for some minutes everyday. 

Okay now I will take a look at tracking of the whole month!

1) I tracked my expenses 28 times! Success rate: 90%
2) I reviewed my health/fitness 14 times. Success rate: 14%
3) I ate at the table 28 times in the morning (90%), 26 times for lunch (84%), 18 times for snacks (58%) and 16 times for dinner (52%). Overall success rate: 71%
4) I studied Spanish 8 times. Success rate: 26%
5) I studied 13 times. Success rate: 42%
And I finished 22 morning routines (71%), 18 bedtime routines (58%) and 4 blog posts (100%). 

Actually, these numbers look quite impressive! And I will continue to work on these habits but since some of them are already on a high performance level I will add a new habit in some of the fields.

My habits I'm gonna focus on in February are:

1) Make a budget and review it every Sunday. 
2) Work out three times a week.
3) Put one piece of fruit or veggie on the plate to every meal.
4) Study Spanish three times a week.
5) Study four times a week. 
And I want to finish my morning routine 6 times and the bed time routine 5 times a week. 

So I thought since tracking expenses worked so well I have to focus more on creating a budget and stick to it. That's what I plan to do every Sunday with my Apps Toshl and GoodBudget. I will still review my progress with my DailyGreatness Journal but since this is a part of my bed time routine I want now to focus more on working out. I always have phases where I work out 5, 6 times a week and then I'm pretty bad the next week. So this time I want to start very small and say: I'm gonna work out three times a week preferable Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And I hope I will manage do some Stretches at the weekend too. But that's optional. I don't stress myself. I still have 11 months to reach my goals for 2016! I was thinking about eating more healthy meals by trying out some new recipes but I think I can do even more if I put at least one piece of fruit or veggie to every meal. I'm sure THIS will make a difference! Since I managed to study Spanish in average two times a week I stopped trying to study everyday and changed my goal into three times a week now. Same with studying in general. Now I will try to study four times a week. 

I have to admit that I wanted to give up in between, but I was better than I thought and the statistics show clearly where I have to improve. So I'm looking forward to February and we will see what it has to offer. 

Have a wonderful week!

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