Freitag, 1. Januar 2016

My Year To Grow

Happy new year!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I spent the last two weeks in Germany and had time to support my parents just by cooking and cleaning the house while they were busy in the last days before christmas. I'm very grateful that I can live and study in Norway and yes, it's a very expensive country. New Year's Eve should be a relaxed evening with my best friend who is living 30km from Oslo away, but then she got sick and I ended up being alone yesterday.
It's not that big deal, but I'm quite lonely at the moment. I made some friends in my studies, but many of them left the country for one or two exchange semesters and the next semester doesn't start before February, so January will be kind of a lonely month I guess. In addition my roommate moved back home. I was expecting that, but not that she would tell me one day beforehand so I was pretty upset and we had a fight on the day she moved out. Since then we haven't talked anymore. I'm very sad about that, but she didn't answered my invitation for dinner, so I guess she isn't very interested keeping that friendship, but you never know.
You see I am at a point right know, far from home, where I feel a little bit desperate. But I know there will be better days and I will try to use the time I have now for other things. 

Do you have New Year's resolutions? As I mentioned in one of my blog posts before I read a lot of James Clear at the moment and his posts are definitely an eyeopener. So I used New Year's Eve to write down my goals for 2016 and this time I won't tell them anyone except a hint on this blog. I got the idea from this video below:

So this time I didn't just wanted to think what kind of goals I want to achieve, but more how. I definitely can recommend James Clear's free book "Habits"which has just 46 pages and is such a good read! And he explains for example, you don't just have to change your habits or develop habits to achieve your goal, you also need to believe in. Like: I'm that type of person who is always on time. That would be an example if you want to work on being more reliable. So instead of the goals I will just tell you my beliefs I want to implement through the year.

My beliefs for 2016

  1. I am that type of person who is financial secure.
  2. I am that type of person who never misses a workout.
  3. I am that type of person who takes care of her body. 
  4. I am that type of person who you want to be friends with.
  5. I am that type of person who is openminded.
  6. I am that type of person who never miss an opportunity to study Spanish.
  7. I am that type of person who works for her goal. 
You already can see some of the goals, but you also can identify different goal areas: Finance, Health, Personal and School. After I wrote down my goals and the "I am that type of person..." sentence I wrote down how I can actually achieve it. This can be habits (daily, weekly, monthly) or one-time actions. For every goal I picked one action or habit which I will be focusing on in January. If it has become a habit in these 30 days, then I will go on to the next one. If not, I will stay focused on that through February, March, ... as long as it takes. I don't have any deadlines. I have no pressure. I will just focus on the progress, not the results. 

My ten guidelines

  1. I don’t tell anyone about my goals but my blog
  2. I have no deadlines
  3. I work on my habits by using the 2 minutes rule
  4. I review my progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis 
  5. I read more books
  6. I don’t give up - I get back on track as fast as possible
  7. I reward myself after I performed a habit
  8. I have morning and bedtime routines
  9. I count the performance of my bad habit 
  10. I find a substitute for my bad habit 

These guidelines will help me getting through this year and to achieve my goals. Since this blog is mostly fitness and productivity/planning related, I will share my progress every Sunday for goals #1, #2, #3, #6, and #7. 

And here are the habits/actions I will focus on in February

Goal 1: Track my expenses (daily)
Goal 2: Review my fitness/health progress (daily)
Goal 3: Eat at the table (daily) 
Goal 6: Study my Spanish book for at least 2 minutes (daily)
Goal 7: Study for at least 2 minutes (daily)

Some more words to these habits. To track my expenses I will use Toshl, a wonderful cute finance app and web application. Then I will use my Dailygreatness Journal to review my fitness/health progress. I will definitely write a review about the Journal itself, too! I like it so far, the pages really help you to get into a daily habit but it's just for 12 weeks, so after that I have finde something different. 

That's it! See you next Sunday! :)

PS: If you are wondering why I called this blog post "My Year To Grow" - that's the new Blogilates Hashtag on Instagram. ;) 

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