Mittwoch, 23. März 2016

What's next, Julie?

Hi everyone!

I'm back with some awesome news. First, what do you think about the new layout? It's officially spring now and I wanted to show that on my blog, too. And I thought I should work a little bit more on this blog and I will try to increase my blog posts. 

Wednesday - Goal Setting

On that day I want to continue with a review on my weekly and monthly habits and maybe also talk about content I read at James Clear's blog. I still try to read one article everyday and it's so much you can learn from it. I also restarted my habits and now I have 7 I want to focus on:
1) Stretch in the Morning
2) Go to Gym
3) Studying
4) Digital Detox
5) Mindful Eating
6) Yoga
7) Read
8) Write a blog post

My weekly target for all of them is one time. And then I might increase some of them over the time. But yes, I will bother you again with these nice little graphs and all my ideas and thoughts about habits. ;) 

Sunday - Confidencekini Challenge

Okay, there are several things happening at the moment. I'm still working with the Fresh Body Fit Mind Guide by Amanda Bisk and the Total Body Transformation Guide by Lauren Gleisberg. And I actually tried to workout three times a week. But now my gym offered a "Keep it up" campaign where you have to choose if you want to do 15, 30 or 50 training sessions within 60 days and went for 50!!! It's not that difficult since my gym is literally next to my door, so even if I'm sore I can just do a yoga session there and then I will get my stamp. Hihi. 

But this also means I have to change my workout schedule and guess what I got in my mail box today? An e-mail from Lauren Gleisberg where she announces the ConfidenceKini Challenge! It's a six week challenge with daily workouts for at home and the gym which focuses on abs and butt, a 5k run plan, a daily photo challenge on Instagram, and much more. And you will receive a starter pack when you sign up. Even if I have my program, I will incorporate some of the workouts and maybe also participate in the daily photo challenge. I might gonna win some sneakers. ;) 

And something else I'm working on is my nutrition and I found Nadia Felsch who is making wonderful whole food recipes and she also offers a Path to Wholefoods eCourse, but I don't think I can pay that so I just gonna do my own. :) 

So, see you on Sunday! I promise! :) 

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