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Review: 21-Day Sugar Detox by Diane Sanfilippo

Hi guys!

Today I'm gonna write a review about the 21-Day Sugar Detox Book by Diane Sanfilippo. I found this book while I was looking for a new sugar detox plan on Pinterest. I liked that it was three weeks, not too long that you give up during it and not too short that it won't change anything. You also can buy the online program which gives access to daily audio files, a community and some other things but I decided I would just buy the ebook which was less than €9! 

The background

In the beginning Diane tells more about her own sugar story and I really could feel what she's gone through because I just feel the same quite often. I hate that I go to the supermarket just to buy some chips or chocolate. I hate that I crave pizza all the time but feel bloated and fatigue afterwards. And I recognized over the last weeks that I'm getting so thirsty over the rest of the day. 
After that she gets more into detail why we do crave sugar, how sugar gets stored in our body and why it's important to take out the carbs too and how carbs can influence sugar cravings. 

The program

The program has three levels. Level 2 and 3 are more restrictive and more for people who already eat quite healthy while Level 1 is more for beginners like me. You get a Yes/No/Limited food list and a meal plan for 21 days. It also provides modifications for nursing women, people with an autoimmune disease or people who train more than three times per week. It also has a preparation checklist which helps you to prepare for the 21DSD.


The book has 90 recipes: main dishes, soups & salads, snacks and not-sweet treats. I only tried the Italian-Style Stuffed Bell Peppers but I can tell you it was really tasty! I will follow the meal plan so I might have some updates on that later. 


On Dianes Website BalancedBites you can download her 21DSD Guides which includes a Dining Out Guide, Sugar Synonyms and most importantly: The Daily Success Log which helps you during the detox. And there is also a post detox guide for when you start to get some of the foods back into your diet which I think is very helpful! 

My thoughts

I really liked this book. I actually regret I didn't buy the hard cover but the ebook was much cheaper for a broke student. ;) I really enjoyed the nutrition part but also the "diary example" how a 21 Day Sugar Detox might look like and I'm looking forward to try some of the recipes when I'll start my first 21DSD on April 11! And I will let you know if it works! :) 

See you!


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