Sonntag, 10. April 2016

Review: ConfidenceKini Challenge Week 1 & 21-Day Sugar Detox Day 2

Hey! :)

I'm done with my first week of Lauren Gleisberg's ConfidenceKini Challenge and I must say: I love it!

Sunday: Abs
You can purchase her Premium Ab Plan with six Ab workouts and videos. But I bought the 12 Week Ab Workout Program by Fit Affinity and I used this one. My first workout was Abs Workout 1. 

Monday: Legs & Abs
Holy moly. Legs day - I love it and I hate it. But this workout was pretty good. I hate lunges and I got the usual ones AND split lounges. But well, you could feel it the next day. ;) There was even an extra workout called Booty Burnout, but I wasn't able to do it. Haha. My abs workout was Oblique Workout 1. 

Tuesday: Arms
A superset workout with dumbbells. I really enjoy arm workouts since I use heavier weights. So nice to see how much stronger you get. 
In the evening I went to my boyfriend's house and tried a broccoli salad for the first time. It's a recipe I found on Snukieful's YouTube Channel.

And here it is:

And we had lettuce tacos too! So good!

Wednesday: HIIT & Abs
No abs workout and I didn't want to do HIIT since I was still so sore from the last days. So I just walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill. 

Thursday: Upper Body
No workout. I got a package from my parents with tons of chocolate which I had to eat before my 21DSD. :D :D :D 

Friday: Shoulders & Glutes
I had headache, so I decided to go to the gym on Saturday.

Saturday: Distance Run & Abs
I started my 21-Day Sugar Detox with a salad for lunch and got a strong headache in the afternoon. Otherwise I didn't have much cravings, I just felt sadness that I can't eat chocolate anymore. :D I went to another gym with my friend and I stepped on the scale: 57kg. OMG. I definitely need to focus on my nutrition... I decided not to run since I have exercise-induced asthma and it's just frustrating to run on the treadmill. I walked 1.6 km and then did the Shoulders & Glutes from the day before. 

Sunday: Abs
Decided to do the abs workouts I missed on Wednesday and Saturday. My workouts were Oblique Workout 2 and Core Workout 1. Some of the workouts are using machines or dumbbells. Some not. The Oblique Workout 2 looked like that:
12-18x One Arm Pulley Side Bend
15-25x Side Crunch (oh, I hate side crunches!)
15 Woodchops
20-30x Cable Crunches with Twist 
And you do 3 sets of every exercise. It doesn't take too long, but you still can feel it afterwards. ;) 
Today I also have a little bit headache, but it's quite okay. I ate Italian-style stuffed bell peppers from the 21DSD book and I just love to eat them! 

Can't wait for the next week! See you!

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