Dienstag, 26. April 2016

Review: ConfidenceKini Challenge Week 3 & 21-Day Sugar Detox Day 16

Hey guys!

5 days to go and I will be done with my sugar detox. I can't wait to eat a chocolate cake or just a twix. I don't know if this detox was the right thing for me. I feel like something is missing out and I better should concentrate on eating less sugar than eating no sugar at all.

Monday: Leg Circuit & Abs
Today's leg workout was hard and it got even harder because I used the leg press, the leg curl and the leg extension machine as well.
Dinner: Roasted potatoes & vegetables

Tuesday: Upper Body Strength
I was so sore that I did two ab workouts from Fitaffinity instead.
Dinner: Roasted potatoes & vegetables

Wednesday: HIIT & Abs
Today's HIIT was week 1 (Arms & Abs) from the Bikini Body Guide. I give it a new try, but just go through both circuits twice without setting a timer. It was so funny when I realized that the girl next to me did the same workout. :D
Dinner: Wraps

Thursday: Arms
I did the Upper Body Strength workout from Tuesday and I managed 8kg at the single arm rows! Wuhuuuu!
Dinner: Wraps

Friday: Booty Burn
I did the Booty Burn workout and the Legs & Cardio workout from the Bikini Body Guide. And while I was doing that I realized that the girl next to me did the same workout. :D That was so funny and we talked a little bit about our experiences.

Saturday: Distance Run
I took a rest day and bought me a new protein powder without neutral taste. I want to put it in my yogurt, my pancakes and everything I might gonna bake. ;)
Dinner: Pizza

Sunday: Rest Day
So today I did the distance run for 2.41km and I'm proud I got much better over the last weeks. I ended up the week with 16 miles from the #100bysummer challenge! :)
Dinner: Ragout Fin

I have to say that this ConfidenceKini Challenge was the absolut right thing for me. The workouts usually take 20-30 minutes plus warm up and cool down you can do it under 1 hour and it would be very easy to match them together to do three workouts a week instead. I really enjoy the tip of the day on Lauren's blog and I also like the "workout complete" pictures. Such a nice thing. :)

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