Sonntag, 15. Mai 2016

Progress Report No. 1

Hey everyone!
I really liked when I shared my progress, so I will continue with that. 


I must say, my morning routine is on fleek. I have a 16-day streak and since I'm doing the morning routine on my Fabulous App it is so much easier to get into the day. I just want to continue with it and reach a 20-day-streak!

My evening routine is quite the opposite. I only managed to do it twice the last week and I will try to increase that.


Two weeks ago I started to track how many healthy meals I eat per week and in the first week I ended up at 17 meals, which means I only ate two healthy meals per day. So I set my next goal to 18 and this week I managed already 22! My main goal is to reach something between 28-35 per week, but I still have a long way to go. :)

This week I went 5x to the gym and that's actually what I also planned to do. But the frequency over the last weeks was quite different, so my goal is to stay consistent at 4-5 training sessions per week. Now I'm down with a cold, so I might miss some days next week, but at least three workouts would be great!

I'm still working on my splits and I should be doing more than just two yoga sessions per week, but I will try to stay at that pace and slowly go up to five times a week. It might be more difficult since I used to do my Yoga in the evening and at that time will power is often already gone... :/


My Push Goal (Chalene Johnson) is to do 8 pomodori per day. I know I'm still far away from that goal, but I will try to increase it over the next weeks. 

I've studied four times this week which I think is a great rate! Now I have to try to be more consistent by doing it over the following weeks. If I stick to my schedule I will finish my Spanish book at the end of the year. 

I also studied four times this week, but looking at the upcoming exams I might have to increase that as well!

Yeah I currently have a 6-day streak at my digital detox which basically means I use SelfControl on my MacBook to block all kind of distracting website like facebook, youtube, pinterest and news website. It helps me so much. 

See you next week!

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