Sonntag, 22. Mai 2016

Progress Report No. 2

Hey everyone!
Again I want to give a new update on my progress in different areas. This time I won't share the nice pictures, but I thought I would do that every last Sunday of the month, so to say: next week. ;)
Unfortunately I was sick the whole week so I didn't go to the gym, but I'm planning to do so next week. My exams are in two weeks and I thought to split up my study sessions into morning and afternoon and to hit the gym in between. :) I will continue with the LG Total Body Transformation Guide and starting into the next phase - The Building Phase. The plan for next week is:
Legs & Glutes, Chest & Back, Abs & Arms, 2x HIIT and optional a distance run. I haven't decided yet if I will write a review about it. We will see.

Now let's start with my progress:


Morning Routine: Success! I did my morning routine every day this week. :)
Evening Routine: Success! I did my evening routine five times this week which is much better than last week. I decided to "declutter" my routine and to shorten it as much as possible, so it's easier to do it. I might gonna pick up more stuff from time to time, but until now I just have to get more into the habit of performing an evening routine at all.


This week I ate 25 healthy meals and I'm really proud of it.
M1: 7x
M2: 6x
M3: 4x
M4: 5x
M5: 3x
I don't always eat 5 meals a day, so it's difficult to set goals for M4 and M5, but my goal is to eat 80% healthy per week and now I have a habit tracker in my bullet journal which makes it easier to calculate my percentages at the end of the week.
Since I was sick I didn't go to the gym at all, but I didn't perform yoga either. So my goal for next week is to do yoga at least one time.


Studying: I've studied 3x last week and it could be more. It will be more next week since exams are around the corner. ;)
Spanish: I've studied Spanish 2x this week and I will try to increase it to 3x next week.
Digital Detox: I turned on "SelfControl" four times this week and I better do that next week to. ;) Procrastination is not an option.
Read: I read 2 times this week. That's not pretty good, but better than I thought.

That's it, see you next week :)

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