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Intuitive Eating - Stage 1 | Principle 3: Make Peace with Food

Hey guys!

Here is the third part of my "Intuitive Eating" series with principle 3: Make Peace with Food. 
Today my book arrived from the US. I already got the ebook at the Google Play Store, but I wanted to have a hard cover, which I can take with me and make notes and highlight things. Well I forgot that American books are often quite big, so I don't think I'm able to carry it in my purse, but it's still nice to have! 

Psychological Deprivation

In the chapter before we've talked about biological deprivation. This chapter is more about the psychological deprivation which means you deprive yourself from particular food, mostly food that is labeled as "unhealthy". So if I forbid myself donuts during my diet, I will eat even more when I'm off the diet (or just breaking the diet), because I have been thinking about this food all the time. 
Last supper eating occurs in contrast with "the believe that you will never get to eat a particular food again". And that's why you gonna stuff yourself with these foods before you are going on a diet. I remember myself that I bought candy and when I felt like I ate to much, I decided to go on a diet (or just start eating "healthy") and turned my meal into a last supper eating. And intuitive eater might had stopped eating the candy and would have a break until he is hungry again, but I always felt like I couldn't have the candy in the house without eating everything at once. 

Rebound Eating

In the book the authors mention different forms of rebound eating and I picked some I experienced myself too. 

  • Food competition: You start eating faster and try get as much as possible because you are sharing your food with someone and you are afraid you won't get enough. That happened on the last birthday party I attended. They had delicious muffins and I was so afraid they could been eaten too fast, so I tried to sneak some of the and ate them in the bathroom, so nobody could realize that I was the one who ate majority of the muffins. :D 
  • Returning Home Syndrome: Returning home after a longer period of absence might result into overeating because you get to eat many things you have been deprived while you were away. I was actually afraid this would happen when I fly home for holiday after spending the last six months in Norway. I was aware of it and gave myself permission to eat what I want and to eat all the delicious food I hadn't been eaten for a long time. But surprisingly a lot of the things I ate didn't taste that good as they supposed to be. So since I'm back in Germany I only overeat three times and it was usually food I knew I wouldn't eat over the next weeks ever such as a dessert of a friend and my mum's salad which she only makes for a barbecue. 
  • Once in a lifetime: Eating because you know you won't get that food in the next times such as Thanksgiving. 

Seesaw Syndrome

Another interesting thing is the seesaw syndrome. On the one side you have guilt, on the other deprivation. When you start a diet, guilt goes down, because you have been "good", but deprivation goes up. But on day you have that forbidden food that much, that you will eat it, which means deprivation goes down, but the guilt goes up. And it's like sitting as a child on a seesaw. You hop up and down 

Unconditional Permission to Eat

And the key to stop this rollercoaster is to give you unconditional permission to eat. This means:

  • stop categorizing food into good and bad or healthy and unhealthy
  • eating what you really want, even if it's a birthday bakery cake
Some people might be frightened, because they only know one reaction of consuming forbidden food: binge eating. And they think they will eat pizza all day when they give themselves unconditional permission. But that's not how it works. You might going through different phases. I have been through a chips and chocolate chip cookies phase now, but I promise you after a few days you can't eat it anymore. It's not that appealing anymore. Since I recognized that I feel so much more relaxed around food, because I know I can eat what I want, I don't have to feel guilty and if I don't feel guilty I don't binge. :) 

That's all for today!

If you have questions, just send me a message or comment below! :)

See you for principle 4! 


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