Freitag, 8. Juli 2016

Intuitive Eating - Stage 1 | Principle 4: Challenge the Food Police

Hi everyone!

I'm back with principle 4 of the Intuitive Eating book. This chapter was about challenging the food police. It took me a little bit longer to read it since it is one of the longest and most profound chapters. Basically it is about how to challenge people talking about what you eat, but also challenge your inner voices. These voice were categorized as "The Food Police", "The Nutrition Informant", "The Diet Rebel", "The Food Anthropologist", "The Nurturer" and "The Intuitive Eater". 

The Food Police
This inner voice is judging your eating behavior. It will say stuff like:
You ate too much chocolate today, you should run two hours on the treadmill to burn that off!
Don't eat that cookie, you already ate two! 

The Nutrition Informant
This inner voice gives nutritional "advice" to stop you from eating "unhealthy" food.
Don't eat carbs in the evening, they are bad for you.
It has too much sugar in it, don't eat that crap. 

The Diet Rebel
At one point in a diet, the diet rebel will appear:
I won't eat that healthy broccoli, I will order a pizza.
Let's see how many cookies I can stuff in.
All these inner voices make it more difficult to listen to our body. They prevent us from enjoying food without guilt, but also stopping eating cookies when we feel full. At one point we might turn into a rebel and eat everything even if we know deep in ourselves that do more harm than good. But there are also some helpful inner voices:

The Food Anthropologist
This inner voice will give you an objective observation about your eating. It doesn't judge, but gives important feedback about your eating behavior.
I worked overtime and had no time to eat, so I was ravenous when I came home. 
I felt guilty when I ate that second birthday cake. 

The Nurturer
This voice is soft and gentle and will comfort you, when you don't feel well.

It's okay to have that cookie. Eating cookies is normal.

The Intuitive Eater
Everyone has this inner voice, but some people might haven't listen to it for several years. It gives feedback about your body feelings such as hunger, satisfaction and appetite.
I feel full, it would be good to stop eating now.
I think working on your inner voices might be one of the biggest challenges on your Intuitive Eating journey. The authors say these (negative) voices will appear as long as you don't give yourself unconditional permission to eat (what ever you want). 
I think I get some messages from my inner voice saying "I should start to eat more healthy again" or "Is it really necessary to eat that chocolate bar?". But the good thing is, that it helps me to see that I still have to work on myself. And I'm looking forward to that! 

This video might be helpful for you!

My Progress so far

I'm actually quite satisfied with my progress. I had no binge for two weeks now, I feel more and more comfortable to have chips and chocolate around me. I also started with some meditation, which helps me to focus in emotional situations. I still eat sometimes without consciousness. For example today I was enjoying the sunshine in our garden and ate a bowl of chips while I was reading. Maybe because if I had eaten it mindfully, maybe I would have recognized, that it doesn't taste as good as I think? I also unfollowed a lot if Instagram accounts lately, because I felt like I couldn't really follow what's going on. There were just too many. I only unfollowed people I considered as "triggering". People who follow diets AND encourage others to do so. I feel so sorry for them. But everyone has to find its own way. And I'm happy I left this way. ;) 

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I'm so happy for you that you finally found a way that makes you happy. I've been following your journey for quite a while and it is always interesting to see what you are trying next. And now you have finally found the right thing. FOR YOU. That doesn't mean though that the ways of other people are WRONG, like you call it. It's a good thing for you to unfollow people who are influencing you in a bad way but that doesn't mean that they are generally bad. I think you should rephrase your sentence there because that sounds a bit like shaming and hating in the internet and I know that that is not really what you want. But it sure feels that way when one reads your text. Just because their way is not for you, doesn't mean that the person is generally bad. You don't know the reasons why that person chose to follow the specific diet or lifestyle. Maybe they are fighting a eating disorder and this is the only way to deal with it. You never know. So, Im really happy you've found your way but please think about calling other people bad who chose to follow a different path. Good luck for you!

    1. Thank you very much for your feedback. I re-read the text and know what you mean. I actually meant, that this was the wrong way for me, not that it was wrong for them. So I decided to change the sentence. And thank you for reading my blog! :)